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Four Principles When purchasing slaughtering equipment

There are countless slaughter equipment manufacturers. So when the slaughterhouse is trying to purchase slaughter equipment, they are often very confused and do not know which to choose and feel hesitated to start, in fact, choosing slaughtering equipment is very simple, just follow the following four principles.
Chicken Meat Cutting Machine
Principle One: Advancement
Slaughter equipment should have advanced technical performance and proper function. The operation and maintenance costs should be low.
Principle Two: Adaptability
Slaughtering equipment needs to adapt market changes, and should consider the local natural, economic and social conditions. The same production line should apply to multi-level processing.
Chiken Slaughtering Machine
Principle Three: Reliability
Slaughter equipment should have mature technology, good production stability, safe and easy operation, and won’t affect the quality of meat products, reducing slaughter equipment failure rate, raising the life expectancy of the equipment, and the entire should be environmentally friendly and have low pollutant emissions.
Principle Four: Economy
Slaughtering equipment cost should be reasonable, it can meet the technical requirements, production requirements, quality requirements, etc. The device configuration, compact convergence should be balanced, coordinated and raise labor productivity; improve the technical and economic value, low investment, low cost, high-profit, economic rationality.

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