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The Four Cleaning Highlights for Slaughter Machines---Recommend Collection

For slaughtering equipment and the entire slaughtering production lines and other equipment,  regular maintenance and cleaning must be done in daily use, in particular, to timely clean slaughtering production line after using is extremely essential. This article aims to introduce how to clean slaughter line:
Highlight One: Each time after using,  water should be used to rinse the entire slaughter production line , but not directly with the spray pipe cleaning.
Highlight Two: The bearing grease should be replaced every six months for the slaughtering production line. Calcium-based grease is a good choice.
Highlight three: For the production line, the lubricants of the slaughter chain may volatilize because of heating after the long run, so it easily leads to the slaughter line chain imbalance, noise increases, crawling during operation. So adding a little butter or concentrated lubricants to the chain is better.
Highlight Four: Slaughtering production line should be avoided to contact with corrosion, so as not to affect the common use, avoiding shortening the life of the equipment.

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