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Scientific choice, ease of production

With the rapid development of economy, and the rapid development of China's modernization, the traditional mode of production has not been up to the pace of development of the times. Processing and production of meat products have realized the automation of production.Our company is engaged in the production and sale of poultry and poultry,we have Poultry Slaughter Machines,Poultry Slaughter lines,Meat Deep Processing and Poultry Feeding Machines etc..

Our production used very simple and easy to operate;High production efficiency, good product quality;Energy saving and environmental protection, in line with the requirements of the scientific development concept, through the CE certification and other certification.We have good after-sales service system, in the use of the process, such as the case of problems, we will provide on-site service, until the customer satisfied, because in our concept is to serve customers wholeheartedly

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