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Production process of poultry slaughter production line

Chicken Slaughter Machine Line
Divided up from the process, poultry slaughter production including the follows:
hanging, Electric hemp,bloodletting, scalding, evisceration, cleaning, packing and cold storage etc. key steps
 First the poultry must down from the vehicle, and then gently put the poultry out of the cage, the hands hold the duck hock upside down on the rack, the poultry head down. Each hanger only hang a poultry.
2.Electric hemp
Electricity is the use of electric current stimulation to make poultry coma. The use of voltage is typically 110-220 v. We can set up a stun pool, the bottom of the pool is current through, filled with water, when the water is here, a shock will be natural syncope.
The most commonly used method for poultry blood oral bleeding. General use of slender slaughter knife. Slaughtering knife after chlorine disinfection after use. The specific method is: knife deep duck mouth, cut the duck vein of the maxilla, head down low to drain the blood, whole blood for 5 minutes.
After the poultry to put the blood to be hot hair. First, through the pre hot pool. The water temperature of the hot water bath is between 50 and -60, which is a transient process. Water to keep the hot water and time to change the water every day on the water for a time; in addition, it should be noted that after the end of the day, a thorough cleaning of hot dip bath once, to facilitate the use of second days
Poultry in place a stop, the staff should use the sterilized knife along the midline abdominal poultry gash duck bore, then pulled out a chicken, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, esophagus, lung, trachea and other organs, suet.
Because the cut end surface and internal bore, poultry, there will be some blood, but also for poultry and cleaning work. Clean it inside and outside with water, eventually make the surface of the body without visible dirt. After washing with the chain into the pre cold disinfection pool.
7.packing and cold storage 
Vacuum packaging and storage, to ensure the quality of the final meat products is the most important part.

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