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Animals Bones Crushing Machine

The animals bones crushing machine is suitable for dry bones, fresh cow bone , pig bones , goat bones, donkey bones and other animal bones and fish bones .
Animals bone crushing machine in our company is the newly technology with high efficiency grinding equipment, this bone crushing machine not only increase the cut angle of blade, but also adopt the blade carries, so that it can distribute pressure of blade, improve the shear and bear impact force of each blade. Blade adopt alloy steel which accord to the special heat treatment, highly abrasion resistance and thin sharp of the blade with several times.
The aircraft turret optimized design, the tool dispersed by force, shear force and improve the impact resistance of a single blade. Front blade, blade cutting angle to increase and improve cutting efficiency, smashing particles uniformly.
The bone crushing machine is widely used in all kinds of sausages , ham sausages , bone soup materials , Spamburger , balls , frozen food , biological product , puffed product, Compound condiment , Food ingredients , Pet food ,and other hard material 's breakage.
The advantage of bone crushing machine :
1.It has a high quality: It can crushing bones into 5-80mm bone paste.
2.Tool made of high quality alloy steel with a special heat treatment, superior wear resistance, tool installed retractable adjusted several times with a blunt after grinding, repeated use and long life.
3.Motor equipped with overload protection device, the feed section and power protection in place to protect the safety of personnel.

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