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The Important of Standardization Poultry Feeding System

Poultry feeding has a very good future at home and abroad, so the standardization of poultry feeding patterns and techniques is very important to the long-term development of the enterprise.
Used standardization feeding mode and advanced technology, can improve feeding of mechanized, and automation degree, achieved intelligent of, and information management, reduced artificial, sharply improve production efficiency; improve feeding density, units land area of contains poultry volume improve, improve has land using efficiency, to reduced has with to cost; used standardization chicken feed formula and precision feeding technology, improve has chicken feed into rate, and utilization, reduced has chicken feed cost; feeding management, and environment control level high, reduced has blight occurred and mortality, Reduce medication costs and loss of dead panned; harmless treatment of manure into resource utilization, recycling, eco-environmental protection; the standardized cultivation to produce products of high quality, safe, upscale, product sales, laid the groundwork for quality brand building and brand benefits.
Standardized feeding techniques and patterns on the importance of culture in as shown above, the correct selection of equipment is very important, in the choice of equipment should be considered from several aspects:
1, equipment maintenance and repair, any equipment used in some failure in the process, so for equipment maintenance and repair must have a professional after-sale long-term service to our. 
2, environmental protection, low energy consumption, in the context of global climate change, energy saving and environmental protection devices become popular in poultry by customers, our company's products meet the national emission standards, and low energy consumption, sold at home and abroad. 
3, the efficiency of production, any of the customers are very concerned about the productivity benefits of the product, because the benefit is the fundamental enterprise development. Also our company is to benefit as a business fundamental, a new product is released every year, technology improvements.

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