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Design of Cold Storage for 2000 pcs/h of Poultry Slaughter Production Line

Design ideas: practical, convenient, stable, safe, high efficiency, low investment
Products: fresh and frozen chicken, frozen products
Plan 1: re location, the new plant and office buildings, cold storage, the largest investment, the specific look at the budget
Plan 2: the use of existing plant transformation, investment is the smallest
Requirement: the slaughter line investment is moderate, the labor intensity is reduced, the product quality is guaranteed, and it has the function of quick freezing and cold storage.
the main problems for slaughter line producers and the cold storage producers are as follows:
1.2000 pcs/h of poultry slaughter production line length is not in this plant (this production line is about 200 thousand, the chain is lowest 470 yuan / M)
2.Dip hot dip or soak the hot dip? Hair removal is the use of horizontal or vertical hair removal machine? What are the differences and benefits
3.White and split in outlying that what is the difference (inversion problem is not required)
4.The segment is relatively good or better a chain (local artificial is not easy to find is not stable)
5. Pre cooling time is not the longer the better? Pre cooler or pre cooling pool? (slaughter line manufacturers recommend 100 thousand pre cooler, refrigerator manufacturers recommend pre cooling pool 40 thousand)
6. Frozen is not required 30 tons? Each pre cold storage 10 tons? (each library is about 200 thousand) and there is no other way to solve it? Screw and piston type cold water machine which is a little better
7. 500 square meters of cold storage? With seamless steel tubes to do the whole cold storage investment probably needs 1 million (consider reducing the investment to rent a cold storage, but need to consider the logistics problem)
8. How many workers are needed in the production line? (manufacturers recommend 1:100, I'm here for every worker's average wage almost 1200)
9. Environmental protection facilities about 80 thousand, only to ensure that the water clean without odor. We can't promise that will pass.

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