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Introduction for Electric Hemp Machine

Electric hemp machine, also known as electric shock machine, hemp machine etc., is a generally applicable to slaughter industry special equipment, suitable for mechanization and semi mechanized poultry slaughterhouse, and slaughter lines with the use, safe, quick to stun the chickens, ducks and other poultry, for slaughter, reduce avian blood pollution, increase the rate of bleeding, avoid poultry wing body damage, but also help to the avian blood collection. Comprehensive effect is excellent, has been widely used in all kinds of small and medium-sized poultry slaughter plant. At present, the domestic such as group, Chia Tai Group, Zhonghui group, groups of elephants, too hop group large group of companies are generally used. Our company’s electric hemp machine is very popular in home and abroad.

Product features:
1. The use of high frequency pulse switching power supply design, complete isolation, safe and reliable;
2. The technology standard of American slaughtering industry design and manufacturing, electrical stunning effect, eliminate congestion, prevent broken generation;
3. Improve production efficiency, to meet the requirements of animal welfare;
4. The use of energy-saving environmental protection design, small size, low power consumption;
5. Can continuously adjust the output, digital display, intuitive and clear;
6. With over-voltage, over current protection, output current limiting protection function;
7. Product operation is simple, easy to install;
8. Customers can freely adjust the output frequency (according to customer requirements of the frequency range of custom).

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