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The Development Situation of Meat Products Processing in China

The Development Situation of Meat Products Processing in China

In recent years, meat processing experience from the frozen meat to the hot meat to the development of chilled meat. Quick-frozen convenient meat food is developing rapidly and become a new economic growth point in many meat food factory; traditional meat products are gradually moving toward modernization, the traditional workshop production to the advance of modern factory; the strong momentum of development of western style meat products; use meat curing, drying, aging and kill bacteria antiseptic treatment technology developed low-temperature meat products, health care meat products.
With the further development of economy, people's living standards improve and enhance the purchasing power of, China's meat products production and consumption will achieve sustained growth. Demand for meat market is a diversified development trend, consumption structure will be further adjustment and optimization, pork in the meat of the total proportion will continue to decline, the proportion of beef and mutton, poultry will rise quickly.
China is the world's agricultural country, agriculture has always been regarded as a strategic industry in the world, the stability of the people. The animal husbandry in agriculture occupies a pivotal position, the output value accounted for 32% of the total output value of agriculture, is an important way to farmers' employment and increase income. Production of animal husbandry development, driving the development of the agriculture and rural economy, but also for the livestock product processing industry provides abundant raw materials, accelerates the development of livestock product processing industry. Livestock product processing type and the number of increments, affecting the global consumer market structure adjustment, so that the consumption of animal products in the steady growth period. According to statistics, in the last 25 years, the global demand for meat is increasing at an annual rate of 500 million tons of, our country in the past 30 years the average annual to add 220 million tons.

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