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Introduction of meat products processing in food shop

Introduction of meat products processing in food shop

Food shop ham production process: raw meat marinated → pretreatment → saline injection, tumbling → cut → Add accessories → tumbling → Die → Cooking → cooling → inspection → finished product. After beating the meat, squeeze each other and tumbling, making the body proteins into water-soluble protein, easily absorbed by the body, enhance meat adhesive force, enhance product flexibility, improve product slice, to prevent broken when sliced, while making the adding material blended with flesh protein each other in order to achieve the meat becomes tender, taste good, produced high purposes.
Fumigation by incomplete combustion of wood smoke produced is a compound consisting of water vapor, gas, liquid and particulate solid compositions of matter, prompting smoked foods have a unique flavor and aroma, smoked products with Smoked time extended color more dense, smoky and the higher the temperature, the faster coloring; smoked methods are direct and indirect smoking method, indirect method is a not smoked indoor smoke, with smoke generator smoke into the smoke chamber, a method of products for BBQ; direct fumigation in smoky indoor combustion of the chips. Global net purification plant can provide food, clean room consulting, planning, design, construction and decoration services.
In meat production and processing, acid cleaning agent commonly used to remove the minerals precipitate, the cleaning agent in removing due to the use of alkaline cleaning agent or other cleaning agent and the formation of mineral deposits are particularly effective. Smoke box cleaning: after the end of the production, smoke box located in the student areas and cropping area between the door closed, smoke box of fried and ash poured out, open the box door, the smoked box indoor wash with hot water. The smoke box in operation should pay attention to the temperature and selection of cleaning agent.

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