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Using Method for Meat Grinder

Every time before using the meat grinder, have a simple rinse. Generally speaking, meat grinder after last run out of is timely cleaned, before the use of cleaning, mainly flush inside and outside of the machine such as dust. Another benefit is that before the use of washing will make the meat become more easy and smooth, but also make the work after the end of the cleaning becomes relatively easy.
A lot of people like to put the machine after each meat is complete, in fact, this method is not desirable. An ideal approach is that each Bi should be cleaning clean meat grinder to parts form placed in wooden cabinet, or completely dry after re assembly, not immediately assembly. To install from the assembly, first roller feeding machine cavity, in order to reduce wear, in the shaft at a drop of edible oil, the knife head is arranged on the roller, pay attention to the knife edge outwards. Then chute mounted to the cutter head, gently shaking the machine with three cavity closely attuned to, the fastening nut is mounted to the lateral leakage, pay attention to moderately tight, too loose will make minced meat from the side seam leakage, too tight will damage silk export. The final installation twist handle, handle attention outward, the gap after the alignment set in, and then tighten the fastening screws. Install the machine is relatively simple, the most important is selecting the appropriate fixed parts, such as relatively large wooden chopping board, mouth bite alignment chopping board, the edge and tighten the fastening screws. Because meat is hard, so fixed body best with a screwdriver etc. auxiliary tool strong about to prevention and control work in the process of machine loose.
The real meat is relatively simple, because relatively hard, so it is best to have a male, can two people with. If it is twisted dumplings, meat before twisting a green onions, which would make the meat a lot of effort. Wash the meat, cut into long strips, slowly into the (the more the meat into the more energy). After the end of the meat, can twist a spring onion, potato and so on vegetables or something. Say, this is a disguised form of cleaning, can also reduce the waste of meat.
First, to prepare a good clean toothbrush, a test tube brush auxiliary activities, according to the reverse direction of the machine is dismounted, sort out the machine cavity of minced meat and meat, and then the machine to contain washing detergent in warm water, with toothbrush will all parts one clean, and then tap water washed twice. Put it in a cool, ventilated place to dry.

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