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Slaughter process Technical Requirements

1、Slaughterhouse equipment of slaughter process layout do clean area and clean area strictly separated, prevent the products subject to cross contamination, all processing workshop are used single level layout, partly on the second floor, living room and Corridor around the.
2、The slaughter process is adopted in the production process, and the process flow is gradually entering the clean area from the non cleaning area. The non clean area with slaughter, shower, bloodletting, scalding etc. process, semi clean area is provided with a carcass processing, synchronous inspection, by-product processing process; clean area with two-stage cooling, deboning cut, packaging, marketing fresh, storage, and other processes.
3、Production area and living area reasonable zoning, the workshop is arranged in the interior of the health inspection and disinfection facilities and high pressure cleaning equipment, and is equipped with male and female changing rooms, shower and toilet entrance are equipped with wash basin and disinfection pool.
4、In the process design, the use of pre slaughter quarantine, multi-point monitoring, according to the working process set up inspection jobs. The head is divided into inspection, examination, inspection, intestinal rotation synchronization of carcass and viscera inspection. On the fur, contents, waste using compressed air blowing pipe send, sent to a temporary area, reduced the workshop the cross contamination and transport plane.
5、The knife apparatus using 82 DEG C hot water system disinfection process to reduce cross contamination. According to the technical requirement, the quality of the products is controlled by different room temperature.
6、Partition using a single layer of the conveyor. Carcass, stomach, heart, liver and lung, head, hoof implementation of synchronous health inspection, if found suspicious disease carcass, will enter the suspended rail turnout, health carcass weighing, stamped evacuation of inter cooling.
7、Slaughter supplies minority edible animal products, to respect the national customs and habits: use offering killed bleeding should be set to live animals in a supine position fixing device and the slaughter of pork, beef, mutton, segmentation, storage completely separate.
8、Most of the Deputy products after finishing fresh sales, not sales of by-product of cold storage after freezing.

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