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How to solve the problems encountered in the production process of barbecue products

  Barbecue products as a higher grade of products, the equipment, process requirements more stringent, the actual production of enterprises often encounter the following quality problems:
1. After 3 to 2 days of the output of the output library, and some even end of the vacuum that water.
Mainly reason: rolling and kneading process is not reasonable, too short a time; defrosting meat over, saline injection temperature is too high, plus the roll rubbing between temperature cannot control, meat protein premature degeneration caused by; manual injection molding machine injection, resulting in uneven injection, to the local meat to injection of saline, salt water injection machine needle with blockage of thin pork, ribs, salt cannot through the eye of a needle injection into the meat, and the quality problem is most common, which is why the same batch of products most of the normal and rarely product water reason.
2. The taste is poor.
Mainly reasons: the additive is also a very critical problem, especially the different manufacturers of curing agent. In the higher yield of the case, the results have a very clear distinction, manufacturers in the selection of curing agent should first test after comparison and then, in addition, the higher the rate of taste, especially in the most obvious way, generally not more than 140%.
3. After the end of the meat roll surface bubble.
Mainly reason: rolling kneading machine failed to vacuum, machine mouth seal leakage, vacuum pump abnormal or instrument display inaccurate, the residual air into a containing high concentration of carrageenan, rolled out of protein and unable to escape.
4. Barbecue appearance of poor color.
Can be in the meat into the rolling and kneading machine after adding some pigment, the smoke that can color, can also be used to color the furnace, but the furnace temperature must reach more than 120 degrees Celsius, the furnace of the color good-looking and not easy to fade, and many manufacturers use the soil furnace color.

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