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Characteristics of Poultry Slaughter Equipment

Poultry slaughtering equipment is mainly used for poultry slaughtering and complete slaughtering equipment division for the production line design manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical training, a series of service, and provide slaughtering production line complete set and accessories.
Slaughter equipment features:
1、The use of frequency control and stainless steel and nylon materials manufacturing, in accordance with the standards of commodity inspection and food hygiene.
2、Stable operation, low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance of slaughter equipment location to meet the following national standards
(A) The water quality meets the requirements of the state for the water quality in accordance with the state regulations;
(B) In line with the requirements of the state to be slaughter, slaughter, slaughter and slaughter equipment and vehicles;
(C) The slaughter of technical personnel in accordance with the law to obtain health certification;
(D) Have qualified through examination of full-time or part-time meat quality inspection personnel;
(E) It is necessary to test equipment, disinfection facilities and disinfection of drugs and pollutant treatment facilities;
(F) The production of pig and pig products harmless treatment facilities;
(G) The conditions of epidemic prevention in accordance with the provisions of the law on animal epidemic prevention.
Slaughtering equipment are required to complete the rail exchanging, passing, Ngau Tau cut, open chest, white and red offal, splitting, washing and inspection operations of sugar, pre skinning cattle carcasses.
The slaughtering machinery and equipment are transported by the intermittent type, and the lifting action of the feeding and changing tube rail can be automatically controlled by the adjustable integrated control circuit to meet the requirements of different processes. And passing machine, (skip) pneumatic lifts, visceral synchronous health inspection conveyor, open chest saws, reciprocating splitting saw etc. equipment used in conjunction. Is large and medium-sized slaughter and processing plants are not available for lack of.

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