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Benefits of Meat Processing Machines

In the modernization of meat products, meat processing machinery and equipment is of great significance. Because they can guarantee:
First, the strict quality of products. In a variety of enema, for example, from raw materials to finished products, from raw processing into cooked, to go through more than 20 processes. In the process of manual operation, the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products have frequent contact with human hands, the products are easy to be polluted, and the health quality cannot be guaranteed. Machinery instead of manual, the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products and the number of contacts to a minimum, in order to ensure the strict quality of products to create a necessary condition;
Second, the stability and uniformity of product processing quality. The quality of meat products is mainly marked by color, aroma, taste, shape and nutritional value. The manual operation, the general is to determine empirically the processing quality of ordinary operators is not easy to master. Using mechanical operation, as long as the strict compliance with the operating procedures, you can basically guarantee the stability and uniformity of product processing quality;
Third, civilized production, reduce physical labor intensity, improve working conditions, improve production.
Meat processing machinery and equipment, at present there is no uniform classification method, and from the point of view of the process of the modernization of meat processing can be broadly divided into: raw meat segmentation, boning, cut into small strips of meat or meat, minced, mixing, filling fill, steaming, boiling, smoking, packaging and cold, frozen, refrigerated (or direct sales) process. In order to facilitate the description, we have meat products processing machinery and equipment are divided into four categories. The first category, slaughter and processing equipment, including auto suspension device, hot hair tuidang machine, shaving machine, splitting machine, electric corona device etc.. The second category, for raw preliminary processing machinery, including thawing, segmentation, boning, or diced meat, minced; third, semi-finished products processing machinery and equipment, including: chopping, mixing, filling, pickling, die; the fourth category, for finished products processing machinery and equipment, such as boiled, cooking, sauce, frying, baking, drying.

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