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The Site Selection Method for Breeding Farm

Recently, the poultry feeding farmhas developed rapidly,but ,many farms are faced with different crisis result from the wrong location.So,the right location is important for a farm .the correct choiceof address generally should consider the following:
1. Transportation convenient. The location of farm should be selected in a convenient place, close to the highway, near consumption and feed source. Site is necessary to have a certain distance to major transportation way, it is better more than 1000 meters away, which is not only good for disease prevention, but also meet the needs of farms’ transportation.
2. Adequate water. The farm which raising about 10,000 chicken, the water consumption each day is about 3 to 4 tons, plus other water consumption such as washing, cooling, domestic water needs is not less than 10ton. Therefore, when considering the water of farms should first consider if the water supply is adequacy, and then checking the water quality.
3. Quarantine. 
The best location for farms is the place where don’t raise any livestock
and poultry yet. And farm away from the farmer’s markets, slaughterhouse, meat
processing plants, fur processing plants, residential areas and other place
where easy to spread disease. The site better in higher land, well-ventilated
and easy to drain.
4. Stable Power. The light, water supply, heating, ventilation ...etc. All need electricity, so poultry farms require stale power supply. If your area don’t have stable power supply, a back-up power supply is do needed. Generator is a good solution for it.
5. Environmental conditions. The flat land or slightly slope land all ok for poultry farms, the sandy soil is preferable, also have to know the natural climatic temperatures, rainfall and maximum wind and directions.
6. Have development space. The land have to reasonable planning, not only beneficial to agriculture forestry, animal husbandry, vice and fisheries comprehensive utilization, but also possible fro farms’ future expanding.

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