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Chicken Slaughter Process

8 o'clock in the morning, Henan Gelgoog Machinery broiler processing factory, the workers are busy with the chicken truck. Every day about 200 thousand broilers from different chicken farms to here.
After each chicken passed the safety inspection, it was sent to the hanging room. The workers out from the chicken coop everything in good order and well arranged, and then put the chicken upside down on the assembly line, the action is very skilled. "We can hang a thousand chickens every hour." Workers say, in order to avoid excessive strain of chicken wings flapping, hanging between the light to dark.
Chicken feel some unusual atmosphere, when they are also puzzled, the moment was corona. "This is broiler welfare." Henan Gelgoog Machinery broiler processing plant, director of the office with a smile said, the science reasonable pre slaughter management and animal welfare technology can effectively improve the quality of chicken, and chicken meat tenderness and flavor.
Broiler current stun, began to enter the slaughtering process, slit the throat bleeding, hair removal at high temperature, low temperature cooling after the machine implementation of automatic cutting chamber, the author pays more attention to the link is not a "bloody" break belly bowel, instead of using the machine has softened the anus to dig bore.
"This can avoid chicken shoot, not contaminated chicken." Director Chen said that out of chicken offal by the inspection and quarantine personnel, qualified enter next procedure, if found not to conform to the standard of chicken offal, and the matching of the chicken will from the hook automatically fall.
In the store consumers can buy chicken, chicken neck, chicken and other chicken of different parts, the product specific is how to do it? In the split, the author saw the staff dressed in pink overalls busy figure.
An employee with a knife in chicken body segmentation line drawing, after a few seconds of broiler body is divided into multiple regions, along the line, behind employees will be according to the employee of line drawing regions of chicken in different parts of resection and segmentation, and on broiler parts division of the size, color, Rouhou long width to quantify selection, pruning and detection.
Split line is a technology live, usually by the experience of the old staff operation. A chicken can be divided into nearly 300 parts, and each part of the length and weight of all have strict standards.
Segmentation, workers of different parts of the chicken after weighing vacuum packaging, then into the frozen library (- 30 DEG C) node or cold finished cooling (0-4 DEG C) preservation. "You see the chicken products today, may be two days in Kentucky, McDonald's to eat." The staff jokingly said, but this really may occur, because Sunner 3 slaughtering plant every day thousands of tons of chicken products, mainly the supply of super to KFC, McDonald's and other fast food tycoon and big business.

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