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High quality Sausage making machine

Sausage machine advanced technology research and application of pneumatic, photoelectric control principle, continuous automatic quantitative enema and in the kinds of food, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high accuracy, good repeatability, is a high efficiency, easy to operate the ideal products, the whole machine is made of high quality, beautiful, compact and reasonable structure, airtight waterproof, easy to clean.
Enema machine are widely used in various production of sausage products. In particular, the relatively dry material filling relative to other enema machine efficiency is better. This machine is arranged on the upper part of the storage hopper, butterfly valve, can realize the continuous casting cover, improve work efficiency.
Manual enema machine applicable product group: boiled sausage. Cooking Sausage. Sausage. Mini sausage. Cooked ham. Cheese. Pasta. Soup and sauce. Block parts have continued to improve, with more health. Easy operation and easy cleaning. The new thinking of re designed; small intestinal irrigation machine price low cost. Enema irrigation is suitable for all kinds of sausage good-looking, meat processing plants, all kinds of star hotels, restaurants and snack bar, cafeteria. Workshop. The market, equipment, electric machine is the most ideal enema family filled sausage consumption. Low noise, improve the quality of the products; easy to clean. A new mechanical gear system, the user can quickly and easily remove the piston quickly re filling, easy to clean 4 transparent enema tube, convenient transmission under the two level adjustment;
Manual enema machine stainless steel barrel, one base, durable, double speed design, enema, choose different specifications of the casings, processing of different thickness of sausage, ham; electric enema machine, low price, various types of cutter cutting machine, with multi use, easy to operate. The quality is stable. Small enema machine has small volume, large capacity, compact structure, convenient cleaning, long service life, in strict conformity with international health standards. The working principle is it will be fine. Coarse particles or minced material by different diameter of the filling mouth poured into the casing, thus produced sausage, sausage, blood sausage, etc. all kinds of meat food!

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