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Industrial Meat Vacuum Tumbler - GELGOOG Machinery

When the industrial meat vacuum tumbler rotates, if there are too many meat inside the tumbler, the rotation will be greatly affected, and the stirring will be uneven, etc. If the amount of meat in the barrel is too small, it will lead to excessive rolling, which will damage the meat quality and increase the consumption cost. We suggest that the load of the full barrel should be about 60%, and the floating rate of the roller should be between 5%, depending on the density of the meat.
Industrial Meat Tumbler
The automatic vacuum tumbler machine not only has the characteristic of vacuum rolling, but also has the function of computer control and frequency conversion technology. The update mode adds a remote control operating system, which makes the machine safer, more convenient and more energy efficient. The whole machine is made of stainless steel with compact structure. Both ends of the drum are made of revolving pressure sealing cap structure, which maximizes the beating space in the drum, so that the effect of rolling products is even, the noise is small, the performance is reliable, the operation is simple and the use efficiency is higher.
According to the product process, the process parameters are set on the man-machine interface. The process parameters of each product include total rolling time, forward turning time, reversal time, pause time, rolling mode, rolling speed, first feeding time, second feeding time, and the rest time at the end of rolling. This machine has (0~29) a total of 30 procedures (that is, 30 product process parameters) can be remembered.
Industrial Vacuum Tumbler
After the total time of rolling is reached, the industrial vacuum tumbler will stop automatically and keep the vacuum in the cylinder and continue to time until the set time of static setting is reached. An alarm signal will be sent, indicating that the operator can open the cover to take out the materials in the bucket. At this point, the vacuum can be eliminated by pressing the vacuum elimination button. At this time, the cover of the tube can be removed, and then the discharge button can be pressed. The cylinder rotates in the direction of discharging operation (clockwise direction), thus sending the meat out by itself and falling into the container such as the meat truck attached to the barrel mouth, completing the whole process.

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