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Advantages of Slaughter Equipment in Our Company

With the development of China's aquaculture industry, poultry slaughter and processing production line has one of focuses in recent years, many users are concerned about, is the use of imported equipment and domestic equipment, a little indecisive.
Our company has a professional and technical personnel and management personnel, engaged in the production and installation of slaughter machinery and equipment, poultry and other meat processing and production lines for many years. Through many years of production practice inspection, our company production and assembly equipment and imported equipment has the following remarkable characteristics:
1. Assembly line process: my company's production equipment and imported equipment, there is no problem of cross contamination
2. The structure of single equipment: simplifying the complex process of foreign equipment.
3. Full set of production line total cost and delivery installation cycle: from the order of two months that can be delivered, the installation of a total of 50 days to complete the mode, the export of foreign goods to complete the installation time is short, long warranty for a long time, there is a perfect after sales service system.
4. After-sales service, we have a perfect after-sales service system, customers in the use of the process if you encounter any technical problems, or in the warranty period, the equipment has any problems arise, our technicians can be free to know the service.
Finally, if you have any question about the equipment ,please contact us at your free time. We will give a good service.

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