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The Cleaning for Slaughtering Equipment

Production of slaughter equipment, slaughtering production line equipment in everyday use must be regular maintenance and cleaning, especially after the slaughtering production line is used to timely cleaning, this article open for everyone to introduce how to clean the slaughtering production line
Point one: each end, the application of water to the whole production line of the slaughter of the whole wash clean, but cannot be directly used to clean water spray.
Point two: the slaughter of the production line in the first half of the year to replace a lubricating grease, calcium base grease.
Three points: the chain of slaughtering production line in the long run may lead to the original lubricating oil heating evaporation, so easily lead to chain of slaughtering production line in operation in the process of imbalance and noise increases, crawling. Add butter or a little bit of oil to the chain.
Point four: slaughter and production lines do not contact with the corrosion, so as not to affect the use, shorten the service life of the equipment.

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