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Poultry hatching process

Preparations before hatching incubator before hatching success is a necessary condition, including the following:

1. Maintenance of hatchery and incubator, try gentle disinfection. Whether indigenous or hatching machine hatching must have a tight insulation, good ventilation, disinfection beneficial, easy to operate hatchery. Before hatching should overhaul to meet the requirements, the walls and floor brush lime and disinfected with a disinfectant. Incubator embryonic development external environment before use should be closely scrutinized incubator degree of sensitivity and accuracy, the reliability of each source control member, repaired, corrected before use. Hatching machine and all utensils should be cleaned after lye, shall be cleaned and disinfected before conditional together with hatchery together with formalin fumigation. The method is used per cubic meter of space formalin 30 ml, 15 g of potassium permanganate, potassium permanganate must first be filled in the sugar porcelain, disinfectants can not be filled with a metal device. Then injected formalin solution (sequential dosing can not turn) immediately close doors and windows, open doors and windows for 30 minutes, remove the remaining odor, in order to improve the effect of disinfection, disinfection temperature should be raised to 25-27 ℃.

2. Eggs pre-heating and sterilization. Before hatching eggs should be placed at 25-27 ℃ preheat for 6-8 hours at room temperature, it will give faster heating eggs, embryo development, breaking the shell and hatching neater. Disinfection can be divided into two types, one is washing disinfection method, since it is simple, convenient and safe, it is used more, the second is less disinfection with formalin fumigation. Washed with disinfection should be noted that the water temperature is generally between 43.3-48.8 ℃, if the temperature is lower than the disinfection effect is reduced. Under these temperature conditions, the egg washing time can not exceed 3 minutes, than on embryonic damage. Methods were: potassium permanganate solution formulated as about 0.01-0.05%, temperature 43 ℃, soak for 3 minutes, wash away the dirt on the shell.

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