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Poultry meat choice

Poultry meat choice
(A) Sex can affect muscle quality. In general, male livestock, especially pig fat and less muscle, muscle fibers thick, fleshy rough sense. Boars have specific smell, not suitable for raw meat, the meat must be castrated as early as possible, late castrated meat quality rough, lacking flavor, castrated male pigs ministries more substantial symmetry, lean meat percentage, meat quality and flavor They are good.
(B) the age and fitness of young livestock and poultry meat slaughter period, moisture content, less fat content of muscle relaxation, good meat, in addition to suckling calves used for special processing, but is not suitable for slaughter for meat. Usually more choices adult livestock as a raw material. The older animals meat rough, the color of the meat also affect the flavor. Especially the more influential factors pigs by breeding, feed and so on. Growth Law pig is pig long bones, flesh pigs, big pigs are fat. According to various tissues and organs phase growth and development of weight gain to find the fastest, most lean meat during slaughter it is the best. Ha White carcass lean as 6 months of age was 52.9%, 49.4% for the 8-month-old, 6-month increase of 3.5% over 8 months of age. Black Spotted lean 5.5 months 52.9% 6 months 48%, increase of 4.9% the former than the latter. From the rate of weight gain, the Kazakh White 8 months daily gains rate of 755.6g, 10 months 538.9g, the former than the latter weight 171.7g.
  37 Black Spotted 6 months of age daily gain 584g, 8 months of 554g, the former than the latter by more than 30g. To measure the two traits daily gain and lean meat, Kazakhstan White appropriate slaughter time is 7 - 75 months of age, black flowers pig 5 5 - 6 months of age. This lean period reached more than 50%.
(Iii) the nutritional status of the pig is the animal, vegetable drinks can omnivorous animal intake, feed efficiency than other livestock, but because pigs are monogastric fiber digestion is weak, and draw food animals (cattle, sheep) exist four stomachs can rumination on the grass and other roughage can be effectively utilized. So fast fattening pig fat accumulation and more. Extremely poor nutritional status, too thin, not suitable for livestock and poultry processing, but that is an ideal raw pig fat out, but the thin, Japan recently, some Western European countries use lean meat fat thickness measured ultrasonic thickness pig living body to select raw pig. Cattle, sheep, poultry too thin, and is not used as raw materials for processing, and requires few or too fat, moderate fat.
(D) feed for meat pig feed, in the pre-incubation, starch feed (cereals, sweet potato) should be 55% -65%, protein feed (fish feed meal) accounts for 10% -15%, rice bran and soybean meal category 25% -30%. Starch feed given more, so that the fat solid, succulent good, and rice bran and soybean meal to give as many fat soft, soft muscle meat lacks compactness when cooled, becomes remarkably under particularly oil feed to more than the amount of the case of soft, so meat also suitable for the addition, feeding the fish meal will be more with the smell of fish, the other fish are fed leftovers and fat yellow, yellow fat pig, are not suitable for processing.

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