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China remains the most important market for the global construction machinery

Parts industry as an important part of the construction machinery industry, with the rapid development of construction machinery has also been considerable progress, and formed a certain scale. However, compared with developed countries the industry is still a big gap, there are also many problems of its own, how to break itself and brings heavy external distress of great significance for the development of accessories as well as machinery industry.
From the overall development trend of construction machinery industry, China's industrial backwardness fittings mainly core technology of key parts, such as engines, hydraulic components, transmission parts, control parts. For foreign companies to block these key components technologies become key factors severely restrict Chinese engineering machinery products quality improvement.
In addition, in our existing accessories business, there are still such problems in its development process. As related parts production is subject to continuous increase in raw material and transportation costs, as well as engineering machinery machine manufacturers to drive down the purchase price in the procurement of the required parts, which further led to the fittings manufacturer pressure to survive. In order to stay out of the profits, they are not allowed in the production of component parts to reduce the cost of time. The consequences of such a vicious cycle, is the quality of the final component parts can not be guaranteed, even worse, supporting the use of inferior products will also result in the production of construction machinery and equipment accidents. Therefore, communication and dialogue with engineering machinery machine manufacturers and component parts between enterprises is essential.
Indeed, the country; the second five years, affected by many factors, the construction machinery industry showed slow growth, restricted sales trend. This development is still in the transition period of the component parts industry, had a negative impact. However, this is not a change in the development of the main melody, the whole construction machinery industry, despite the slow growth in recent years, but has been in the upward development of the industry. The closely related parts industry, after years of development, has made no small achievement, although the middle there are some problems, but along with the national rail transit construction, continuous large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project construction, urban renewal projects launched, which will be the development of machinery and component parts of the project have provided favorable conditions.
With the formation of the overall level of China's equipment manufacturing lifting and supporting element of industrial clusters, the quality of Chinese construction machinery parts will get a big upgrade, China remains the most important market for the global construction machinery!

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