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Why cleaning and sanitation are important for poultry slaughterhouse machine ?

 Why cleaning and sanitation are important for poultry slaughterhouse machine ?

Our poultry slanghterhouse machine, such as Chicken SlaughterHouse Machine,Chicken Slaughter Machine,Chicken Butcher Machine,Poultry Slaughterhouse Machine,Chicken Slaughter Line,Halal Chicken Slaughter Machine,Poultry Slaughter Machine, periodic cleaning and sanitation are important for these machine.

Periodic cleaning and sanitation, which includes disinfection of meat plant premises and equipment, is an integral part of Good Hygienic Practice . Cleaning and sanitation can even be considered as one of the most important activities for poultry slaughter machine, as these measures provide the necessary environment for proper poultry meat handling and processing.

Efficient poultry slaughter machine cleaning and sanitation is often neglected as it requires extra work and the positive effects are not immediately visible. However, failures poultry slaughterhouse machine hygiene can cause high financial losses in the long run. Unhygienic conditions in a poultry slaughterhouse result in

1. Unattractive, tasteless products
2. Spoilage of valuable food 
3. Food-borne diseases

Proper cleaning and sanitation is becoming increasingly important in modern poultry meat processing as more perishable and hygienically sensitive poultry meat products come on the market, particularly poultry foods such as chicken and duck gizzard, poultry paws etc. 

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