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Maintenance of Stainless Steel Slaughter Machine

With the economic development, the use of stainless steel becomes increasingly widespread. In everyday life, stainless steel are closely related to us,for example, the pourty slaughter machine includes bloodletting equipment, scalding equipment, plucker equipment,evisceration equipment,poultry paws processing machine, chiller equipment, chicken and duck gizzard peeler machine, poultry feeding machine,etc.,and almost all the parts of these machine is made of stainless steel.

Although stainless steel is so common in our daily life, many people don’t know the properties of stainless steel and stainless steel maintenance is known to few people. Many people think that stainless steel will never get rusty, in fact, stainless steel is of good corrosion resistance. The reason is that a passive film is formed on the surface, which exists in nature as more stable oxides. In other words, although according to different using conditions the degree of oxidation is not the same, but stainless steel will eventually get oxidized, this phenomenon is usually called the corruption.

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Exposed to the corrosive environment, electron-chemical reactions or chemical reaction occurs on the entire steel surface, and the steel gets evenly corroded. The weak parts of passive film on stainless steel surface generates pitting reaction corrosion resistance among due to the self-excited reactions, and leads to the formation of holes. Coupled with closing chloride ions, the formation of highly corrosive solution occurs, accelerating corrosion reaction speed. Besides, there are corrosion and cracking between stainless steel internal parts. All of them lead to the severe destruction to the passive film on stainless steel surface. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be regular cleaned and maintained in order to keep its gorgeous surface and prolong life. Care must be taken when cleaning stainless steel surfaces to ensure not to scratch the surface, and avoid using bleaching components and abrasive washing liquid , steel ball, grinding tools, etc. In order to remove the washing liquid, please rinse the surface clean water at the end of washing.
When there are dust and dirt which is easy to get rid of on stainless steel surface, deal it with soap, weak detergent or warm water. Trademark and foil on stainless steel surface can be dealt with warm water and weak detergent. The binder composition can be cleaned by using alcohol or an organic solvent (Diethyl ether, benzene). The oil pollution on stainless steel surfaces can be wiped with a soft cloth to clean and later with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent. 
When stainless steel surface is attached with bleach and various acids, immediately wash it with water, then immerse it with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda, then washing it with neutral detergent or warm water.
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