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Working principle of vacuum packaging machine

With the increasing of the degree of automation, the operation and routine maintenance of the packaging machine are more convenient and simpler, which reduces the need of professional skills of the operators. The quality of product packaging is closely related to the temperature system, the speed of the engine and the stability of the tracking system.
Working principle of vacuum packaging machine:
After the the product is put into packaging container, the air is pumped out the container to reach a predetermined vacuum degree, and the machine is called the vacuum packaging machine.
Vacuum packaging machine is mainly used for packaging the the products of easy oxidation, mildew or easy to damp metamorphism, to extend products using time or prevent precision parts or instruments from getting rusted, such as mustard, sausage and other packaging.
Film or composite materials used in vacuum packaging should have a certain air tightness, pressure resistance and mechanical adaptability, etc..
There are varieties of Vacuum packaging machines, usually divided into: mechanical extrusion, intubation, etc..
Vacuum packaging machine of mechanical extrusion’s packing principle is as follows:
After the packing bag filling is finished, the air on the both side of the bag is removed by the sponge or other flexible stuff, and then the sealing is packed. This method is simple, but the vacuum degree is low, it is used for different occasions.
The vacuum packing principle of intubation ’s packing principle is as follows:
Insert the exhaust pipe from the opening of the bag, and open the exhaust valve, then the vacuum pump begins to exhaust air. The packaging way of sealing after catering to vacuum degree is called the vacuum packing. If inflated, the exhaust valve is closed after the vacuum pump finishing, open the pneumatic valve for inflation.

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