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The flavor of meat

Meat flavor and taste quality, refers to the smell of fresh meat and meat products after heating the aroma and taste.It is inherent in meat components through a complex biochemical changes, caused by various organic compounds produced.Its characteristic is complex and varied ingredients, content with little, using general methods are difficult to determine, besides a few ingredients, most have no nutritional value, is not stable, heating is easy to damage and volatile.And performance related to its molecular structure, flavor substances have all kinds of hair group.Such as hydroxy - OH, carboxyl - COOH, aldehyde group - CHO, carbonyl - CO, sulfur, hydrogen - SH, ester base - COOR, amino - NH2, amide group CONH, nitroso - NO2, phenyl - C6H5.The meat taste quality is through the high sensitive smell and taste of organs and reaction.1. Smell smell is volatile substance of meat, along with the airflow into the nasal cavity, stimulates olfactory cells by nerve conduction reactions to the brain area and produce a feeling of stimulation.Happy feeling for the fragrance, aversion to bad breath, bad smell.The odor composition is very complicated, has more than 1000.Mainly include alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, acid, ester, ether, furan, pyrrole, lactones, sugar and nitrogen compounds, etc.Factors that affect the meat smell: animal species, gender, feed, etc. Has a great influence on the smell of meat.Smell fresh meat exudes a meat, lamb has shan wei, dog meat has a smell, especially late castration or not castrated boars, ox and sheep meat, has a special smell, estrus in the slaughter of animals meat sends out a nasty smell.Some special odor such as lamb shan wei, from volatile low-level fatty acids such as 4 - methyl bitterness, pelargonic acid, capric acid and so on, exist in fat.Feed the fish meal, soybean meal and silkworm bread smell of meat, animal feed containing sulfur propylene, disulfide propylene and propylene - propyl disulfide later migration in the meat, a special smell.Meat in cold storage, due to the microbial breeding, forming a colony in the surface of meat as mucus,And then generate obvious bad smell.Cold storage for a long period of time, fat oxidation, automatically defrosted meat loss, succulent soft reduce the flavor of meat.Meat in storage and adverse environment with volatile substances mixtures, such as the green, fish, drug storage, absorb foreign smell.2. Taste the taste is soluble in water soluble in flavour substances, stimulate the lingual taste cell - taste buds, through to the brain and nerve conduction, reflects the sense of smell.The taste buds, the tongue can feel a different taste, and meat flavor is full feeling by the tongue.The freshness of meat composition, derived from the nucleotide, amino acid, amides, peptide precursor, organic acid, sugar, fat and other substances.The distribution of the precursor of meat, more research in recent years.Such as beef flavor precursor substances in water extraction, the remaining part of muscle fiber, soluble in water almost non-existent flavoring substances.In the fat people to join in some substances such as glucose, inosinic acid, inorganic salt of amino acid (glutamic acid, glycine, serine, alanine and isoleucine), in the water after heating, the results generated and meat flavor, so as to prove that these substances as the precursor of meat flavor.

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