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Planing machine hair Basic workflow

Planing machine hair means it is widely used because of its high production efficiency, planing hair clean, do not worry about health issues, because animal hair and other reasons, a conventional mechanical epilation poultry and livestock are often not able to deal with a clean wash.
Here we have the pig hair planing machine, for example, talk about hair planing machine basic workflow:
1, the scalding hog with good fishing fishing into rake automatic planing machine for planing inner hair hair, good planing raw footage of scalding carcasses were planing hair, not only a high degree of automation and production efficiency and with less hair cut, hair shaver effect it is good.
2, and then the light will automatically put out pig. high working efficiency.
Pig hair planing machine features:
1, the plane Mao pig meat is good, smooth surface;
2, the machine repair rate is very low, replace the conventional mechanical shaver hair dryer;
3, planing machine required plane hair hairy pig carcasses shape and weight requirements pan around the wide latitude;
4, have time wool planing operator manual control of different regions or seasons pig breeds have good hair removal results.
and many more.
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