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How processed chicken feet

First, boneless chicken feet
1, fresh chicken meat, color normal, no congestion, inflammation of meat, wool bamboo root (which may have to spend a small amount of claws).
Chicken Feet
2, Boneless chicken feet: with a large knife metatarsal bone stock head cross-section, more than half of the bone is removed, cut the chicken skin and tendons connected with the big toe between the metatarsal, metatarsal and big chicken meat cut up along the bone between connection, the large metatarsal removed;
Remove the remaining chicken along palm toe, so stay meat, boneless, without nails.
3, Boneless chicken meat after the request can not have hard bone, bone, cartilage can leave, boneless chicken meat processing good wash after water control stand.

Second, tumbling Ingredients:
1, tumbling proportion of ingredients:
Chicken meat: 2000g, onion 240g, chili sauce 140g, chili powder 55g, garlic 40g, onions 40g, cotton, sugar 30g, MSG 16g, salt 16g, ginger paste 10g, black pepper 4g., Corn oil 45g, syrup 24g, water 400g, Corn starch 30g.
2,The blending process in order to join, after the completion of the addition of water was added chicken bone tumbling, rolling even after adding corn starch to continue tumbling roll the meat was all absorbed, add the amount of starch can be slightly adjusted according to the material of the humidity .
3, Note: The use of pepper sauce must not contain bleach; sugar can not be white sugar; green onions do not cut too broken, as much as possible the use of light green.

Third, the vacuum sealing:
Roll the dough product into the cooking bag, bag 330g, vacuum sealing.

Fourth, cooking
The bags installed products placed on the cooker cooking, cooking 100 ℃ 7 minutes, and requires a temperature of 80 ℃ keep more than 1 minute.
Note: The temperature must reach 80 ℃ for 1 minute or more, but time is not too long, otherwise affect the taste of the product

Fifth, frozen:
After cooling the product, within 40 minutes into the frozen single-freezing machine, the following core temperature of -18 ℃.

Six, packaging.
If you want to start a chicken processing plant, we have a lot of equipment for you, such as Chicken Paw Processing Machine.

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