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Egg selection, storage, transport

1. Eggs for hatching eggs of choice is called eggs. Quality eggs are internal factors affect incubation. It not only determines the quality of hatching success, but also affects the health and the future performance of the merits of chicks. It should therefore be carried out before the incubation of eggs strict selection. (1) source of eggs, should come from healthy flocks of high performance, correct feeding and management, the appropriate proportion of the spouse, in order to ensure fertilization and hatching rate and the quality of the chicken. (2) clean eggs should be fresh, it should be more fresh as possible. (3) To normal egg-shell quality should be uniform. (4) internal quality is better, normal fresh eggs in the gas chamber small and big-endian, spherical egg yolk in the middle of a whole egg, fixed position. (5) egg size and color to meet the breed standard. 2. Eggs should not be stored properly preserved eggs hatch in a timely manner, paying particular attention to the preservation of temperature and humidity, suitable temperature depending on the length of storage period, short-term is 18.3 ℃, more than a week of 12-15 ℃, more than 14 days to preferably 10.5 ℃, relative humidity 75-85% is appropriate, and pay attention to ventilation, eggs should always be placed head down. 3. Egg egg transport transportation if subjected to vibration, shaking, high-speed transport will be adapted into a lace Zhenduan yolk sinking or causing the flow chamber and so on. Application transport egg tray egg is fixed or mounted directly on the grid have egg box. No matter what method of packaging requirements utensils and bedding clean.

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