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Poultry feeding method

1 the timing of feeding (Dayton feed) the day's ration divided into aliquots and feeding the timing, grower and adult chickens a day to feed 3-4 times, laying season can be increased 4-5 times, depending on the age chick different can be fed 5-6 times. Feedstock principles: Usually sooner or later, less in the middle, but should be moderate, not a surplus, reduce waste, ensure chicken appetite.

2 ad libitum is at a certain time to a large number of feed into the trough, any chicken ad libitum. Advantages: relatively simple, labor-saving, but there is tendency to eat too much, resulting in a waste of feed, chicken too fat, poor appetite, this method only for broilers.

3. Feed requirement egg-type chicks need to concentrate about 20 weeks 8 kg. Laying hens fed 100-120 grams of feed per day, do not feed additives, in addition to 30% of green fodder. The amount of feed meat-type breeder and grower, one week old chicks per 20 grams, 120 grams per day, nine-week-old every day, a chicken reared nine weeks required to feed 4650 g.
4. Prevent waste feed chicken feed accounted for 70 percent of the cost, in order to prevent feed waste should pay attention to the following aspects: First, the diet should be reasonable
with nutrients should be standard, not lack is not much. Second, the chute structure and height to the right. Third, the shape and the additional material feed method must be reasonable.

5. Feeding Feeding restrictions limit the incubation period can inhibit the development of proper weight control, delayed sexual maturity, so that they after egg production, egg weight, egg passing rate, feed conversion rates have improved, resulting in higher economic efficiency . 6. According to sub-reared chicken egg laying level and age will be divided into several stages, taking into account the environment, temperature at different stages fed with different levels of protein, energy and calcium in the diet, this feeding method is called a phased feeding. Generally laying period is divided into three stages, from egg production opened until 20 weeks for the first phase, the second phase of 20-40 weeks, laying 40 weeks after the third stage, gradually reducing diets crude protein.

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