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How to develop breeder grouping work?

Even if there are some differences from the same flock, a kind of day-old child birth weight also. As the chicks grow, the health status of different individuals, physical, genetic characteristics of different chicks weight will gradually produce differences. When the case by feeding and management can not be completely solved even decreased too fast, it is necessary to carry out the entire flock grouping to improve the uniformity of the flock.
(1) Effect of evenness
Resulting in uneven weight issues common factors include the quality of the chicks, feed quality, feed grain differences, humidity, immunization, when the influence of formaldehyde gas into the chicken, 1 day old chicks from different sources will be mixed, beak trimming is not high quality, temperature ( too high, too low or uneven), the uneven distribution of feed, feed quantity is not correct, high density, inadequate water supply, feed energy is too high or too low, insufficient light intensity when feeding, feed line height is not correct, feed feeding time is not fixed, herds inaccurate or string column, disease, or bacterial infection.
(2) the first time grouping
Breeder is usually carried out in the 22-28 age grouping for the first time, about to 20-25% of the maximum and minimum chickens picked and placed into a separate feeding fence or large, medium and small three breeding flocks and flocks according to the size of the weight adjustment volume of feed, in the next 4-5 weeks to adjust to all the standard weight or 9-10 weeks of age with all the weight standards. If the breeder grouping late, there is not enough time to recover flock uniformity at 9-10 weeks of age and meet weight standards.
For the management of low breeder farms, broiler breeders in the 7-10 age grouping for the first time, then a second grouping at 5-6 weeks of age.
(3) round column design
Introduced to arrange homes and buildings inside the chicken coop row before the column must take into account the actual needs of the future grouping, need to plan well in advance divided into several categories, namely on what position the chicken coop.
Before the first grouping according to 5-10% proportion of the number of chickens Each sample was weighed and recorded only by the actual weight of the individual, and then determine the proportion of large, medium, requires the separation of the chick, chick, for example 20% in chicken 60%, 20% large chickens. In recording the actual weight, find the minimum weight limit value of 20% of chickens, this value as a weight on the line when grouping chick chicken bar and bar; also find the weight up to 20% lower limit value of chickens, this Great value is the chicken and chicken weight line. Then you through the whole group by weighing only, large, medium, chick grouping in accordance with the above boundary value.
Different homes bred chickens go to the same house when laying, to make each house flocks reach the same weight at the time of transfer group.
Cocks and hens fed separately in different sheds, to facilitate feeding and management.
(4) After grouping flock weight adjustment
The average weight after grouping the need for large, medium and small flocks re-weighed and calculated the average weight and the actual weight to body weight curve labeled them, in accordance with the principle of 9-10 weeks of age with all the weight of the standard manual, and the grouping 9 or 10-week-old wiring standard weight, which is the next 4-5 weeks the chickens need to grow new weight standards. After grouping the weight is too large or too small flocks, 4-5 weeks if the standard is difficult to catch up, be sure to reach manual weight standards no later than 12 weeks before. 12 weeks later because breeders breeding system began to develop in order to ensure that after 12 weeks breeder breeding system fully developed sexual maturity can be completed on time, you must ensure that 12 weeks after the Breeders weekly weight gain of not less than manual weekly weight gain level.
To ensure that 9-10 weeks old, the chicks are able to reach on time and manual weight standards, it is necessary in the grouping of large, medium and chick accordance with the new criteria to determine the weight to determine the amount of feed per week. In general, the medium weight of chickens can normally increase in the volume of feed on the basis of the original quantity, small flocks weight you need to appropriately raise the quantity of increase, large flocks weight must be low quantity of increase, all to ensure that all types of birds in accordance with the newly developed standard weight to weight gain.
Before you follow the general principle, after grouping in 9-10 weeks old, weighing all kinds flock to the manual adjustment weight standards, you do not need all kinds of body weight per week further selection flocks of chickens and resize to ensure weekly quantity increase in height and weight gain relevance.
If after 9-10 weeks to reach manual weight standards still not very satisfactory uniformity can continue after this small amount of weight among the flocks of chickens pick a weight-adjusted individually. In order to ensure that all chickens week after 12 weeks of weight gain is not less than the standard manual, the number of chicks chosen not too much, otherwise it will be pulled up, with a mean body weight of chickens, we have to reduce this part of the misguided flock weekly weight gain affected breeders development and sexual maturation, because, should avoid breeding systems 12 weeks after the rapid development stage breeder weekly weight gain and lack of adverse sexual development.
The new weight standards for manual feeding of chickens, we can follow after the grouping established for large, medium and chicks to determine the exact amount of feed and feed weekly adjusted weekly increase in the amount in due course in accordance with the growth of body weight. For mechanical feed the chickens, we can try to follow each weight class in the same flock to arrange a feed line feeding, so you can effectively control and adjust the weight of various types of birds weight. Or when the transfer group of large, medium, go with a chicken coop, respectively, to facilitate feeding and processing light management.
In actual production, we tend to feed two or more types of body weight in chickens in the same feed line, which gives us adjust and determine the actual weight of the chicken feed quantity in a limited time It caused great difficulties. In this case, we can take the following three ways:
① the case of a minimum quantity feed line, hand in quantity of additional machinery and equipment used in feed materials can be added by hand, can be calculated according to the amount of feed automatic feeding of whole chicken feed line minimum quantity and number, for more than the minimum quantity of those columns, the extra quantity, can be added manually feed a way to be addressed at the end of feed line automatic feeding. In this way the actual volume of feed per column is relatively accurate adjustment weight often able to achieve better results.
② additional tank in the case of machinery and equipment used in feed materials can not be added by hand, can also be addressed to increase hand-fed by the additional tank. This method can also yield good results, and the actual amount of feed is relatively accurate.
③ When adjust stocking density or material level using mechanical feed device, you can also take a different approach, that is, by adjusting the weight of different methods of rearing chickens density or material level to control intake of different weight flocks. This is accomplished, the small weight of flocks appropriately increase or decrease the density of the material level to increase the actual intake will be appropriate to reduce or increase the density of the material level way to reduce the weight of the actual intake of large flocks in order to achieve adjustment different purposes flock weight weight. The disadvantage of this method is that each column can not know exactly accurate breeder feed intake, and therefore, this method is often due to lack of experience, resulting in adjusted weight is not ideal or take longer experience, technical managers often most important.

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