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Bacon processing

Bacon is meat as raw material, salt pickled meat. Bacon is also divided into two kinds of bone without bone, flesh and blood with different processing of raw materials, the "contiguous" "section piece," "small," "salty legs" of the other. Bacon all over the country has production, variety, different style, of which Zhejiang bacon, bacon Rugao, Sichuan, bacon, bacon, Shanghai and other more famous. Such as Zhejiang bacon thin, bright red color, smooth muscle, delicious fresh color, smell mellow, but also for long. Bacon processing is substantially the same, which is characterized by the use of salt and more.
(A) process
Material selection → finishing → pickling → → finished surgery door.
(B) operation points
1. Choose fresh or frozen pork raw pork can be used as raw material, rib meat, pork, ham can be, but need good flesh, blood sufficient, and must undergo health inspection and quarantine departments, the case of fresh meat, must be spread out through the cold; if frozen, thaw Microsoft must be after the line dividing process.
2. Finishing first slashing the neck portion foul blood, and then cut off the blood vessels, lymph, oil and crushed diaphragm and so on.
3. In order to accelerate the surgery door marinated blade can cut out the meat, commonly known as "cut the door." The size and depth of cut depends on how much the temperature and the thickness of the muscle when marinated.
4. Marinated at 3 ~ 4 ℃ condition preserved. High temperature curing process fast but prone to corruption; low temperature, pickled slow, good flavor. When dry-cured with salt for the meat weight of 14% to 20%, from 0.05% to 0.75% saltpeter, salt, nitrate mixed smear on the surface of the meat, rub some more of the flesh, a good rub salt pickled meat stacking system. The first layer of skin side down, sprinkle a layer of salt between each layer, followed by compaction, the top layer of leather up, sprinkle some salt on the surface, every 5 ~ 6d, the upper and lower interchangeable once, at the same time complement sprinkle salt by 25 ~ 30d Serve. If wet salting salted, boiling water paired with 22% to 35% salt solution, plus 0.7% to 1.2% of the saltpeter, from 2% to 7% sugar (or not added). The meat in rows or stacked in the cylinder barrel, adding with a good cooling clarified salt solution to immerse the meat for the degree. Salt solution meat heavy weight of about 30% to 40%, meat surface pressure to wood or stone. Every 4 ~ 5d on the lower flip once, 15 ~ 20d Serve.

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