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Pig slaughtering techniques

(A) shower shower water temperature in the summer is appropriate to 20 ℃, 25 ℃ is appropriate in winter, the temperature should not be too low or too high, otherwise, but can adversely impact the quality of the meat; water should not be too hasty, should be different angle, nozzle disposed in different directions, in order to ensure that the surface is completely rinsed; shower time to make the surface of pig body wash the dirt for the degree, not too long.
(B) The method of induced faint faint caused many species to the selection of simple, safe, not only meet the health requirements, and ensure the principle of quality meat. Commonly used methods are the following: 1. Electric Power Law Ma Ma method is a widely used method of causing faint. When electric current caused by anesthesia animal carcasses brain experimental status epilepticus, slaughter livestock pounding heart, it can get a good bloodletting effect. Pig artificial electric Ma's voltage is generally 70 ~ 90V, current of 0.5 ~ 1.0A, electric stunning time of 1 ~ 3s, brine concentration of 5%. Ma automatic electric voltage does not exceed 90V, the current should not exceed 1.5A, power hemp time 1 ~ 2s. 2. Carbon dioxide anesthesia method This method is to slaughter animals through containing 65% ~ 75% CO2 (generated by dry ice) in a closed chamber or tunnel through 15s. CO2 anesthesia so that the pig in a quiet state, unknowingly into a coma, so the less muscle glycogen depletion, animal carcasses can completely unconscious, anesthesia was maintained to achieve the purpose of 2 ~ 3min.
(C) the assassination of bloodletting after the faint great ham hanging from the pulley to hang suspended by the trolley tracks, transported to the bloodletting at the assassination of bloodletting. After causing faint immediately bled (not exceeding 30s), so as not to cause muscle bleeding. Bloodletting methods are the following: 1. Law cut off the neck artery carotid and jugular vein is a method for the widely used blood Ideally, both to ensure good bloodletting, and easy to operate, safe. When the operator slaughtered pig forefoot hand grasp, the other holding a knife, tip up, the blade forward, aligned with the first rib pierced the throat in the middle-right 0.5 ~ lcm at the direction of the heart, and then drag the side of the sword cut the carotid artery and jugular vein can not pierce the heart. The assassination of bloodletting blade length of about 5cm, Lek blood no less than 5min. 2. Hollow Knife bloodletting tools used is a kind of special exhaust means "hollow knife." When blood, the knife is inserted in advance
Good neck skin incision along the trachea through the first intermediate rib straight to the heart is inserted through the blood blade pores handle cavity along the hose to flow into the container. Hollow knife blood available for human consumption or medical use of blood, thus increasing its value in use. Although the hollow knife stabbed heart bled, but there is a vacuum suction device, so the blood is still good.
(Iv) or skinning shed 1. Scalding hair removal (1) Scalding pigs after bloodletting by Lek blood, by the track on floating tanks were unloaded into the scalding scalding, so that pores facilitate ham hair. (2) sub-epilation hair removal machinery and hand epilation epilation. 2. Stripping Stripping Stripping mechanical and manual stripping. (1) mechanical peeling by the peeling machine performance, pre-stripping one or both sides, to determine the pre-stripping area. Stripping operations according to the following procedure: pick Fupi forelegs stripping stripping stripping hind hip leather wallet open abdominal skin peeling peeling machine (2) on the manual skinning the carcasses operating table, in order to pick Fupi, hip peel skin, peel Fupi, peel back the skin. It can not be scratched when peeling leather, with less fat fat. In the process of stripping the entire operation should prevent dirt, fur, dirty hands and clothes stained carcass.
(V) 1. The Ripper and eviscerated carving knife piercing the anus peripheral ring, carved circles, dig open the large intestine head vertically into the pelvis. 2. Pick the chest, abdominal 3. pull the rectum, bladder cut 4. Take the intestines, stomach (belly) 5. Take heart, liver, lungs 6. Rinse pleural and peritoneal
(Vi) to the head, feet, split half
(Vii) carcass renovation, refurbishment of reinspection is to remove the carcass of a variety of surface dirt, repair diseased tissue cut off the carcass on the damaged tissue and tissue was free, removal impede meat hygiene tissues and organs, and the carcass irregularities section to make the necessary repair cut plastic, so having a carcass intact product image. Wet and dry sub-trim repair repair. To achieve good carcass dressing no blood, no manure, no hair, no dirt.
(Ix) hides, bristles finishing

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