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Slaughtering machinery needs repair time

   Slaughtering machinery in use for slaughtering enterprises is not a small investment, and slaughtering machinery Once operational, the next is slaughtering machinery maintenance and maintenance problems. How to ensure the continued safety of slaughtering machinery production. Timely maintenance of mechanical slaughter, the first priority is to ensure the safe and stable operation of mechanical slaughter.
     Slaughtering machinery because it is against the slaughter industry has been specifically designed for the special nature and professionalism of its maintenance must be strictly used according to instructions. Because slaughtering machinery belonging to the food manufacturing industry, and food safety is a major issue related to the people's health. So the slaughter Machinery Maintenance should be immediate, rigorous and careful. Slaughtering machinery damage will not only affect the normal use and service life of equipment, but is bound to affect the quality of slaughtered meat, is more likely to affect the quality of the meat, that can not be shut by slaughtering machinery synchronization sanitation inspection. If slaughtering machinery synchronization sanitation inspection problems, it is very easy to make questionable meat into the market, not only will affect the reputation of the manufacturer slaughter, but also on people's health hazard.
     In the mechanical maintenance of the slaughter process, if found not to deal with the problem, it is timely to ask slaughtering machinery manufacturers, asking them to answer or deal with.

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