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Automatic Poultry Scalding Plucking Machine

Poultry Scalding Plucking Machine
The automatic poultry scalding plucking machine is specially designed for small meat and poultry processing enterprises, a kind of specially designed scalding device, using steam heating, automatic discharging poultry body, with reliable performance, convenient usage, and effective scalding, etc. 
Poultry Scalding Plucking Machine
This poultry blooding scalding plucking machine is a new poultry processing machine. It can finish poultry bloodletting and scalding on one machine. It is the ideal machine for small and medium size slaughter machine.

Model GGSBC-120
Transmission  Power 2.2kw+22.5kw
Dimension 4300*1200*1800mm
Weigth 800kg
Capacity: 700pcs/h

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