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2000pcs/h Automatic poultry slaughtering production line

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    The production line is used to slaughter all kinds of poultry.


2000pcs/h Automatic poultry slaughtering production line

1, Flow chart: 

2,   Specification of equipment:

01 slaughter conveyor
Nylon hanging wheel frame, nylon road wheel of stainless steel balls , round ball with baskets.
The pylons φ7 pull-ray, electro-chemical processing of surface.
Stainless steel traction chain-diameter: φ4 * 32
Overall nylon ring gear, aluminum alloy passive wheels, stainless steel stand.
02  main drive
  0.55kw synchronous drive, the driver is dial gear, variable frequency control,
With safety device.
03 Tensioning device
   1 set of chain spring tensioning device
04 Blood Slot
   δ=1.5mm, stainless steel 304
05 Spray Gas Drum Model Immersion Scalding Machine
   Full Closed Structure, Stainless steel body and steam seal cover body, mechanical seal, Effective leaching hot length: L = 7 M, water levels float valve automatic control system, hearing method is steam heating, and working pressure is 4Kg/cm2, Automatic temperature control system, Drum wind stirring system, 
06 Model A Defeathering Machine
   Stainless steel adjustable bracket , stainless steel chicken head direction pole,
The Case board 
07 Type A depilating machine
    Adjustable A glyph stainless steel frame 100 x 100 x 3
Each side has three hair removal box, each row 12 hair removal dish, each hair removal dish six root depilating glue 
08 Automatic head machine
   Stainless steel adjustable bracket , stainless steel chicken head direction pole,
The Case board

Technical Data

No. Name specification unit quantity
01 slaughter
GGML37A/8-6″ meter 120
02 main drive Variable frequency stepless speed regulation set 1
03 Tensioning device   set 1
04 Blood Slot 10000*800*700 set 1
05 Spray Gas Drum Model
Immersion Scalding Machine
5000*700*2300 set 1
06 Model A defeathering machine 2550*1900*2400 set 1
07 Type A depilating machine 2250*1900*2400    
08 Automatic head machine 1800*400*900 set 1
09 Hook cleaner  1000*850*1000 set 1
10 PLC Electric Cabinet 780*800*1800 set 1
11 Visceral guide chute 12000*800*700 set 1
12 Carcass washing machine 1200*700*800 set 1
13 Automatic chicken feet cutting machine 750*530*1400 set 1
14 .Automatic chicken feet removing machine 1000*600*700 set 1
15 Spiral pre-cooling machine 4800*1900*2500 set 1
16 Spiral precooling machine 6800*1900*2500 set 1
17 Meet Birds Body Equipment  2000*900*900 set 1

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