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3000pcs/h Automatic poultry slaughtering machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    The production line is used to slaughter all kinds of poultry.


3000 pcs/h Poultry Slaughter Processing Equipment
This production line is mainly used to process poultry like, chicken, duck, goose, turkey and also some  bird, like quail. 
for killing method, we can design it to be Halal killing method if you need.  
just let us know your requirement, like, capacity, finished product to be whole poultry or cut to be pieces.  
for chilling parts, we can make it to be Water chilling or Air chilling accoring to your requirement. 
 If you already have your factory plant, just let us its detailed size, then we can design the precise layout for you.  
 If you have not built your factory plant, we can design the layout for you to built factory. 
1, Flow Chart: 

2, Specification of Equipment:  

 1 Cage conveyor 
Stainless steel made main structure with thickness of 3mm
2, Turning joint
  Stainless steel plate 
3 Cage conveyor  
  stainless steel made main structure with thickness
   Adjustable speed 
4 Cage washer and sterilizer     
High pressure cleaning pipe                       
Stainless steel filting tumble 
5.Slide way
6 Control panel 
For cage washing area
Control panel 
7 Slaughtering line 
Stainless steel “T” shaped track
Nylon pulley and stainless steel shackles included
Stainless steel bearing ball rolling wheel 
Stainless steel chain 
8 Main drive and tensioner 
  galvanized frame, cyclical reducer  
Speed can be adjusted by changing frequency.    
9 Control panel  
  For Stunning Machine   
10 Water Type Stunning Machine   
  Milk white plastic machine body
Adjustable stainless steel supporting frame
11  Blood letting trough
   Stainless steel made  

12 Pre-scalding Machine 
 Pre-scalding temperature: 58-60℃
Stainless steel made supporting legs and machine body    
Stainless steel made water tank
Temperature controlled automatically 
High pressure water pump with power of 5.5kw
13 Scalding Machine 
Enclosed with a cover
Stainless steel made machine body and cover
Thickness of stainless steel 304 made main body 

Technical Data

No  Description  Model  Unit  Quantity
1 Cage conveyor  3000*800*600 set 1
2 Turning joint  R90 set 1
3 Cage conveyor 8000*800*600 set 1
4 Cage washer and sterilizer  4500*1800*2550 set 1
5 Slide way 3000*800 set 1
6 Control panel  GGDKG-5 set 1
7 Slaughtering line  GGXS152.4-15 m 186
8 Main drive and tensioner  GGDZJ-1 set 2
9 Control panel    set 1
10 Water type stunning machine GGDM-140V Set 1
11 Blood letting trough 10000*1800*800 set 1
12 Pre-scalding machine  2000*800*2100 set  
13 Scalding machine  6000*700*2200 set 1
14 A plucking machine 4*14 set 1
15 A plucking machine  6*12 set 1
16 Head puller    set 1
17 Viscera slide trough    10000*800*800 set 1
18 Carcass washer    set 1
19 Feet cutter   set 1
20 Slide plate 1000*800 set 1
21 Feet unloader GGOXZ-2 set 1
22 Shackle washer  GGQS-2 set 1
23 Electric control panel  GGKG-1 set 1
24 Gizzard de-fatting machine  GGPJ-640 set 1
25 Gizzard peeling machine  GGTJ-200  set 1
26 Control panel GGKG-5 set 1
27 Screw chiller 40000 set 1
28 Screw chiller  10000*2100 set 1
29 electric control panel    set 1
30 Transport conveyor  5000*800*800 set 1
31 Transport conveyor  14000*600*800 set 1
32 Cutting line    m 50
33 Main drive and tensioner    set 1
34 Transport conveyor with worktable  6000*1220*800 set 2
35 Worktable 1900*900*800 pc 10

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