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Professional Vacuum Rolling Rubbing Machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    This poultry slaughter and evisceration conveyor is mainly used in slaughter house.


Meat rolling rubbing machine is under vacuum condition, using the physical impact principle, make meat and meat stuffing turning up and down inside the cylinder, rooling and keading, so as to achieve keading and curing effect. Curing liquid is fully absorbed by meat, enhance the bonding force and elasticity of meat, improve the taste of meat.
Vacuum Meat Rolling Rubbing Machine
Function of Vacuum Meat Tumbling Machine
1, Can destroy the structure of meat, make meat loose. After vacuum rolling and rudding, the original organization structure is destroyed, part of the fiber breakage, muscle relaxation, texture soft, flexible, tightly bound between meat;
2, Accelerate the brine seepage and color: Meat before tumbling is hard, it is difficult to achieve in low temperature salt evenly infiltration, through the roll kneading, damage muscle tissue, is very beneficial to salt water infiltration;
3, Speed up the extraction of protein and dissolution: salt soluble protein extraction is one of the most important purposes for tumbling.
Meat Tumbler

Technical Data

Model GG-100
Volume (L) 100
Capacity (kg/tank) 50
Power(kw) 1.3
Degree of vacuum 0.04-0.08
Voltage(v) 220/380
Weight(kg) 120

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