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Automatic Meat Smoking Oven for Chicken Meat/Sausage

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    The oven is used to cook, dry, bake, smoke and color food, mainly including meats, sausage, jerky, poultry, wild game, seafood, etc, aiming to make food dehydrate and have special flavor.


Introduction of Automatic Meat Smoking Oven
Smokehouse is used to make sausages, seafood, smoked meat, roasted chicken, roasted duck, etc. It is widely used during the meat processing in the food industry. It has been more than ten years from the invention to the development of a wide range of applications. Continuous improvement and integration of domestic and foreign technology through relevant experts, the machine is equipped with cooking, drying, baking, smoking, coloring function and has a very good energy-saving effect. Smoking refers to the process of baking by using timber with the incomplete combustion of volatile substances. The purpose is to make the meat dehydrate, enriching it special flavor. The entire process can improve meat color and have some antiseptic and antioxidant effect, so as to extend the shelf life of meat products. The entire process includes cooking, drying, baking, smoking and coloring. Cooking requires an external steam generator.The steam generator has three heating ways, electric heating, natural gas heating and coal gas heating. The steam generated by the steam pipes into the furnace to achieve the product cooking function. Drying can realized by electric heating and steam heating. Baking is by adding fuming material and sugar at appropriate proportions to fume-sending box. Coloring can be adjusted by using different material and different amount.
150 Sausage Smoking Oven
Advantages of Automatic Meat Smokehouse Oven
1.Stainless steel material. The material ensures machine quality and life expectancy.
2.Excellent quality. The machine has good workmanship, work stably, and can be very lasting.
3.High efficiency. The heating is very fast and the heating is very even to make the good-quality food. 
4.Three kinds of smoking methods.  Smoking method is divided into cold smoking, warm smoking, hot smoking.
5.Large windows made by special explosion-proof membrane. You can have clear observation of the furnace process and can timely exclude sudden accident, being safe and reliable.
Meat Smoking Oven for Chicken
6.Different heating methods. You can choose steam heating or electric heating
7.Independent smoke path. Both sides of the furnace have independent smoke path. The upper part has gas exhaust port and smoke exhaust. Steam convection is set on flank. The purpose is to ensure that the upper and lower furnace temperature is the same and  the effect of smoke from top to bottom is also the same,which avoid inconsistent smoked color.
8.Two kinds of structure. According to the structure, built-smoked furnace and external smoked furnace are included.

Technical Data

Model GG50
Built fuming Size 1100*1420*1760mm
External fuming Size 1100*1750*1760mm
Weight 400kg
Power 6.5kw
Single Yield 50 kg
Hyperbaric pressure: 0.2Mpa
Low pressure 0.1 Mpa
High pressure furnace temperature 120 degrees
Low Oven temperature 100 degrees
Air consumption 30kg

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