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Double-end Chicken Gizzard Skin Peeling Machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    This series of gizzard peeling equipment is specialized in chicken, duck, goose, used to peel gizzard.


Features of Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine
1. This series of chicken gizzard peeling machine is specialized in chicken, duck, goose, used to remove skin form gizzard.
2. Through the motor turnning the special-shaped cutter, to trip gizzard, the effect is good.
3. It adopts stainless steel material.
4. Reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance.
Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine
This gizzard peeling machine is used for chicken gizzard degreasing, workers work by electric drive the spiral wave gizzard roller, bring it to relative rotation, so as to peel Chicken gizzard inside a layer of yellow skin, the strip's gizzard machine solved the problem of the slow manual operation, at the same time, improve the working efficiency.
Advantag of Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine
1. The machine is the gizzard skin got  two pairs of horizontal twin-roll twist type, duplex operation, twisted roll extrusion. 
2. The machine is stainless steel material, with good quality.
3.  It is necessary equipment to process and clean the Poultry stomach
4. Chicken gizzard peeling machine jump machinery factory specializing in the production of meat products processing equipment, poultry pretreating equipment, peeling gizzard machine, suitable for chicken gizzard yellow skin cleaning.

Single- End Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine is as follows:
Gizzard Skin Peeling Machine

Technical Data

Model LGJ2000-B
Thermalized temperature HRC50°~52°
Stainless steel rack 38*38*1.5
Stainless steel Panel δ=2.5mm,SS304
Reduction box driving power 0.55kw*2sets
Dimensions 1000*800*800mm

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