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Chicken Claw Skin Peeling Machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    It is used to peel yellow skin of chicken paws.


Chicken Claw Peeling Machine
This chicken claw peeling machine is used to remove yellow skin of chicken feet, is widely used in hotels, restaurant, slaughter factory and individuals. It is easy to operate, high output, peeling and cleaning well, peeling rate can be more than 98%. Made of stainless steel. It doesn’t need speed reducer with coupling, chicken paws making helical motion within cylinder, peeling its skin. Before using this machine, check machine and electric well, ensure the machine working voltage is the same with electric used. Before peeling chicken feet, soaking them in hot water, temperature is about 60-80 degree. When machine works stable, put into chicken paws, peeling about 3-10minutes. After peeling well, open machine, discharge peeled chicken feet. Pls remember to add a cetain amount of water into the bucket at any time when the machine is working, then the paw skin and the claw hair can be easily been flushed out. Once the it is been blocked, pls clean up immediately before use. 

1. High quality. It is made of stainless steel.
2. Easy to operate. One person can operate it well. 
3. Anti-rust. Easy to clean and conform food requirement. 
4. Widely usage. It is popular in hotels, restaurant, slaughter factory and individual business person. 
5. High peeling rate. Its peeling rate is more than 98%. 
6. Easy to move. It has 4 movable wheels, can move to any place, close to working, convenient. 
7. Safety and save labor. It utilizes centrifugal principle, making chicken paws rotate inside machine and contact with rubber rollers. Whole peeling process, no need person work. 
8. Save time. Soaking chicken paws before peeling, making chicken paws peeling easier. Usually can control peeling time in 3-10 minutes, save much time.

Technical Data

Model Capacity Power Weight
GGQT500 25KG 1.5kw 70KG
GGQT600 40KG 3kw 90KG
GGQT800 50KG 5.5kw 160KG

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