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Screw Pre Chiller Machine for Chicken|Duck|Goose

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    The Machine Is Used To Cool The Carcass After The Ripper Eviscerated,To Deep Carcass Degree Temperature Down In A Short Time, After Pre-Cooling Carcass Color Fresh And Tender.


Pre Chiller Machine for ChickenScrew pre chiller machine is one dedicated precooling device for all kinds of poultry processing, cold storage enterprises, this equipment has reliable performance, convenient usage, accurate precooling time, and other advantages, so it is ideal equipment for all kinds of poultry processing, foreign trade and other food processing units for cold storage of poultry carcass precooling. 
This equipment is mainly composed of pool body, drive system, spiral propulsion system, blower system, the birds body discharging system, etc., the whole machine all adopts stainless steel material, beautiful and clean. Working principle of this equipment is mainly through the cooling medium (usually for ice) cool pool water cooling to a certain temperature in the body (usually front section below 16 ℃, behind section below 4 ℃), poultry carcass from inlet to outlet under the action of a screw propeller through a certain amount of time in cold water, and air blast system can make poultry carcass kept rolling in cold water, in order to achieve the ideal effect of precooling. 
Screw Chiller Machine for Chicken/Duck/Goose

Method of use: 
1, According to the needs of actual production, install the equipment level in the solid ground, and fixation. 
2, Connect power supply(380 v), observe the drive motor rotation and check whether the turning is right (see from the exit for counterclockwise), as well as the fan motor steering is correct (blast or not). 
3, Everything works well, fill the pool with water, and then start the flake ice machine, after waiting for pool water cooled to a certain temperature, can begin to use. 
4, Draw off the water from the pool after work every day, and will clean equipment, to ensure the normal use of the next time.

Technical Data

Model GGC-2500
Effect chilling length 2.5m
Width 800mm
Height 1000mm
Thickeness of barrel 1.5mm
Reduction Gears Power 2.2kw,380V,50HZ
Fan Power 3kw,380VM,50HZ
Material of Barrel and Screw Stainless Steel 304
EXW Price 6189.00-USD

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