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Automatic Screw Poultry Chiller Machine

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    Spiral pre-cooling of poultry slaughtering equipment is used to cool the carcasses to improve the quality of meat from acid and toxin velour cutting. The screw pushing system and wind system can cool the chicken even and complete.


Poultry Chiller Machine
This screw poultry chiller machine is mainly used for cooling the poultry carcass instantly after they have been slaughtered. The poultry will have a refreshing color and luster after being pre-cooled. One or more sets of such machines may be used simultaneously according to the output. The whole set is made of diamond plate, Stainless steel spiral propeller, stepless timing drive.

1. The Machine is used to cool the poultry after being eviscerated in a short time, stainless Steel Propeller, Dual Drive, Independent Of The Chicken Transmission;
2. Our screw chiller helps cool the poultry, bringing down the temperature of poultry from 30-35 degrees to 6-8 degree celsius and then passes the bird on to the dripper after which the bird can be packed or cut to smaller portions, ready for packing and dispatching or storing, as per our client's wish. the screw chiller contains water of 3 degree celsius which is connected to a packaged water chiller for constant supply of chilled water.
3.1) The screw chiller takes care of a quick and hygienic chilling of the product by means of air agitation in chilled water or water with flake ice, with a temperature of 1 degree celsius.
2) Chilling time is about 22 minutes, with entry temperature of the product of 22 degrees celsius, an end temperature of 6 degrees can be realized.
3) The chiller is easy to clean and is built according to the counter-flow principle for accelerated heat transfer.
4) Stainless Steel Made
Good and effective killing and defeathering has a significant influence on the quality, shelf life, appearance and color of your end products. We offer the right balance between product quality, efficiency and, of course, animal welfare and hygiene. Yamei Poultry Processing’s products comply with the latest laws on animal welfare. There is always the perfect solution for all markets and for all processing capacities. Modular equipment design means that a starting capacity can be increased easily.
We supply not only machinery, but also process flow design,plants layout and operations training for equipment,etc. All slaughtering equipment(overhead conveyor, scalder, plucker, spiral chiller, belt conveyor etc)we make can completely replace the equipment).
Poultry slaughtering processing line refers to a kind of meat food machine which is used to Slaughter chickens, ducks and other poultry. Slaughtering processing line is commonly applied to slaughtering poultry. In the process, work forces are reduced greatly. Besides, the set of equipment has a significant role in saving time and improving the production efficiency. And the equipment has an early iron capacity of 500 ~ 8000per hour. 

Technical Data

1. Stainless steel propeller, dual drive, independent of the chicken 
2. 5 m long casing, screw propeller diameter 2100mm
3. Stainless steel cylinder δ = 3mm, propulsion roller Φ320 × 3, 
  Material 304 
4. Reducer propulsion drive motor power: 0.55kw 
5. The chicken reducer motor power: 0.55kw, frequency synchronous
  drive, the governor of chicken  
6. Vortex fan power: 5.5kw 
7. Cooling medium: cold water or ice (not including chillers or flake ice 
8. Cooling water temperature: 0 ~ 4 ℃
9. Adjustable machine feet, with a temperature monitor 
10. Dimensions: 5800 (L) × 2300 (W) × 2500 (H)

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