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Automatic Chicken Feather Removal Machine Plucker for Sale

  • Moq: 1 Set/Sets
  • Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets Per Month
  • Loading Port: Shanghai Port/Qingdao Port
  • Application:
    Used for automatic depilation of chickens, ducks and geese after slaughtering,remove feathers, fine hair and dirt at one time


Automatic Chicken Plucker Machine Introduction
GELGOOG provides you with standard poultry feather removal machines and large plucker machines, according to different styles to process diferent number of chickens and ducks. This kind of poultry feather removal machine is not only used for plucking chicken, duck, goose, quail and other poultry automatic depilation all sorts of birds, but also removing ginger skin, potato skin, fish scale and other agricultural products. The chicken and duck depilator is easy to operate, saving labor, time and working efficiency is equivalent to manual labor of more than ten people. This automatic chicken plucker machine one minute process five chickens (ducks), once processing 360 or so.
Chicken Feather Plucker Machine
Chicken Feather Removal Machine
Chicken Feather Removal Characteristics
1. Unique design, advanced technology, smooth operation and simple operation.
2. It is made of stainless steel, and the depilating rod is made of ox tendon and depilating rod. The rod has a convex and concave shape, which makes the depilation cleaner. Long service time, ideal helper for the poultry depilation industry.
3. Chicken and duck feather plucker machine is multi-purpose, can also be used to remove ginger skin, potato skin, fish scales, etc..
How to Operate Chicken Plucker Machine
Blanch the slaughtered poultry in 65 ℃ to 80 ℃ hot water. Then turn on the chicken feather removal machine and put it in the bucket (ginger, potatoes, fish can be placed directly). About 10 seconds, turn on the faucet, so that hair or ginger skin can be discharged out. It can be stopped and taken out after a little while. Generally, chicken feathers only need half a minute to be removed, and other poultry may need a little longer time.

Technical Data

Model GGPR-50 GGPR-60 GGPR-70 GGPR-80 GGPR-100
10-15 kg/5min 15-20 kg/5min 20-25 kg/5min 25-30 kg/5min 30-40 kg/5min
Power 1.5 kw 2.2 kw 3 kw 4 kw 5 kw
Voltage 380 v 380 v 380 v 380 v 380 v
Dimension 700*600*850 mm 750*750*900 mm 900*800*950 mm 980*850*1030 mm 1270*1170*1250 mm
Weight 75 kg 85 kg 100 kg 120 kg 180 kg

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